Bible Reading Planner
Bible Reading Planner

The Bible was written by divine inspiration working in prophets and apostles. Although they lived at different times, and wrote independently of each other, the Spirit of God moved them all to reveal to men the mind of God in history, commandment and prophecy.

The word "Bible" literally means "The Book", but it is itself composed of many books which together make it the one Word of God.

The 66 books of the Bible are divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament.

God instructs us to read His Word (the Bible) daily and, whatever our intellectual ability, there is something for each of us to learn from our reading of it - it is intended for EVERYONE. We are encouraged to eat consistently and steadily of our "spiritual food", just as we do our "physical food" in our daily lives. Many of us, however, may be overwhelmed or even discouraged by the length of the Bible and be uncertain of how best to start reading from it.

The Bible is God's message to us all and is the only book given directly by God telling us about Him and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The message of the Bible is far too important to be ignored or to be left to others to tell us what it says - we must read it for ourselves and discover its message to us.

The Bible Reading Planner is a six stage plan designed to provide a thorough view of the message of the Bible within a year. The notes accompanying the Bible Reading Planner booklet are structured around reading one chapter of the Bible every day.